Sunday, 21 June 2015

Q&A with the crew over at Iron Horse Cinema

Click here to check out the Cold Storage short.
1. What inspired you to start making your own fan films?

We like the challenge of making live action versions of some of our favourite video games. 

2. What inspired you to tackle Five Nights At Freddy’s?

We love FNAF and thought it would be a fun project to tackle. 

3. How was this production funded?

We funded it out of our own pockets.

4. Did pre-production start before or after the 3rd game was released? I’m only enquiring as the film reminded me a lot of the 3rd game with the idea of one lone animatronics stalking the security guard.

During  the release. We wanted to keep it simple and decided to just go with Freddy. 

5. How would you feel if someone made a fan made game based on Cold Storage?

We think it would be pretty cool if a Cold Storage game was created/inspired by our film.  

6. Are you planning another a sequel or at least another Five Nights movie?
On June 23rd, two new short fan films were released. 

We have two more short FNAF films that we will be releasing very soon. One is a news broadcast about the fire at Fazbear's Fright and the other is tied to it, revealing a glimpse of the Purple Guy. 

7. One of my favourite parts of this while production is the rare TV spot trailer, how did that come about?

With a new story line like Cold Storage, we needed something to drive the fact that this took place in the 80's and we wanted to challenge ourselves to make a believable commercial that the fans would love and appreciate.  

Click here to check out the 80s Freddy's Fazbears pizza promo.
8. What are the chances we could see Freddy Fazberg returning or doing another little short similar to the TV spot trailer?

We plan to move on to a new project but we are still open to shooting another FNAF if there is a big enough demand for it. 

9. With a Hollywood movie of Five Nights in pre-production at Warner Bros, what angle are you hoping they'll take? Slasher? Found footage? Or something true to the original concept of lone security guard like Cold Storage?

We'd like to see something in the line of what we did. A guard that moves out of the security room. 

10. Are you worried Warner Bros might C&D your fan film despite being non-profit?

We made a fan film and love FNAF. We don't expect to hear from Warner Bros. 

11. Any word from Scott Cawthon about the film?

We haven't head from Scott. We'd like to think he's seen our fan film. 

12. What’s next for Iron Horse Cinema?
What's got the security guard spooked? Click here to find out. 

We have a few ideas/concepts but haven’t  locked one down at the moment.  
Thank you so much for this interview.  
Jeff and the Iron Horse team.

And thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A and please folks, be sure to check out the other fan films over at Iron Horse Cinema. 

UPDATED: On June 23rd, Iron Horse Cinema released two more FNAF fan films, one as a news report and one about the Purple Guy. Be sure to check them out by clicking the links.

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  1. I LOVE the Folks at Iron Horse Cinema, and I can never thank them enough for choosing ME to play the Role of "Freddy"!